Sunday, February 06, 2011

The week/end

This weekend a friend hosted a Chinese New Year brunch at his apartment in Chinatown. There was so much delicious food (and so many fun people) that it was worth braving the crowds that had turned up for the parade. There was a lot of colorful confetti littering the curbs and gutters. Happy year of the rabbit!

Here are some of the construction paper faces (the project met with moderate success).

A leisurely bagel breakfast. How is the weekend over already!?

Maggie posted the first installment of her top ten episodes of 30 Rock, reminding me of a lot of hilarious moments.
Wireless dominoes, via Swiss Miss.
Awesome beanbags/poufs in the shapes of famous mountains (Fuji, Everest, Kilimanjaro) at Little Red Stuga.


Holly said...

hmmm...potato chips for breakfast??

Maria said...

nice pictures, I love the confetti:)