Friday, February 04, 2011


These days it's really easy to miss California. The snow/rain/ice/repeat cycle we've been enduring here is pretty tiring, though I've got to admit that I've been very lucky. With a combo of school snow days and other cancellations/re-schedules, I've had the luxury to remain indoors much more than average. Still, the weather's rough. On Monday I finally saw Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, which obviously didn't curb my longings for the sunnier shore. The movie (like many of her others) was beautiful, slow, mood-evoking but not necessarily thought-provoking. I'm sure celebrity malaise is tough, but it's kind of hard to feel sorry for people who can order orange juice and butter to their suite at the Chateau Marmont whenever they feel like it. Boo hoo. In any case, the movie was fun to watch, but it's playing--of all the New York theaters--at the Angelika, where the trains constantly rumble below, so it was difficult to let my mind wander, to pretend I was there in LA, with the steady cadence of the subway regularly jolting me back. Still, despite the glum weather, the fang-like icicles hanging from even the most improbable surfaces, I'm happy to be here.

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when skies are grey said...

I want to see this, I was just watching the preview yesterday. The soundtrack seems nice too :)