Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I finally got a hanging hook that looks like a dog's butt from ikea. I think it is so much more functional than a regular hook. And fun.
Staying indoors is grand. Sometimes in the afternoon, if I'm doing work that doesn't require 100% concentration, I put on a movie. What a treat.

In the evenings we've been enjoying the best cocoa in the world (I have to look up where it's from again).


Anonymous said...

I do the very same, too. I like the company of a film playing (if it is a part of the process I don't need to fully concentrate on).

Happy to have found my way to your blog, too.

Holly said...

how do i play movies on my ipad???

la_sale_bete said...

Yes, a movie is great company, and thanks! I really enjoy your blog, too!
Holly: You can watch movies on nextflix, youtube, or through itunes.