Friday, February 11, 2011

Ipad drawing

I finally got a stylus for my ipad, and am super excited to draw with it. After reading a lot of reviews, I went with the Boxwave Capacitive, even though it's a few more dollars than the Pogo (approx $15 instead of $10). Of course I'm still working on getting my fine motor skills in check, but I've loved having a stylus for drawing.

Funny story about stylus shopping: I first began looking for one when I was back home in the smallish Northwest town where I grew up. No stores carried them, and every time I inquired, I was told "You don't need a stylus; the ipad has a touch screen." Awesome.
Does anyone have any recommendations for good painting/drawing apps? So far, I've been using Adobe Ideas, which is great (and I'm even considering upgrading to layers), but it's missing so many good tools: color picker, paint bucket, select options, etc. Is there anything better out there?

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POP TART said...

don't have any tips for drawing apps, but I love your crocodile though! So you don't really need any :-)