Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few from last weekend

We had a big brunch on Saturday. We had a great egg dish (kind of like a quiche, I think), ate a ton of delicious clementines (to ward off scurvy) and made oatmeal in the crock pot (to which we added fruit and nuts). Then we sat around all afternoon and talked and hung out. We watched some 30 Rock, played Super Mario Bros (old and new), and Just Dance 2 (here J & N are depicted showing off their moves). I also made a delicious egg dish (that I ate for was unrelated to the brunch) and wrapped a gift for Marguerite--probably the best job I've done: I'm ordinarily very sloppy and inept at wrapping things. As usual, Sprout was glad to have everyone home while she lazed about. On Monday we woke up to a surprise snowfall and went sledding with Emilie and co. It was the first time I'd been in years, and it was super fun.

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Maria said...

lovely! happy Friday :-)