Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bon week-end

It's a three day weekend and I'm gearing up for what I hope will be a fabulous staycation busy with work and play. The house is clean, pals are coming over for brunch, and later we'll go see a movie. While Americans celebrate our dead presidents on Monday, I learned that it's also a Canadian holiday from the man at HP tech support, with whom I spoke for over an hour trying to get my new printer/scanner (the HP Photosmart D110) scanning. ( He was answering my call from Canada). After so many tries, alas, we were unsuccessful. I hate having to call tech support. In most cases I've found that they generally just walk you through the steps that I can figure out on my own. Yes, I've tried restarting everything, uninstalling and reinstalling everything. Checking for updates. After about 4 hours of my own time and 2 on the phone, the man concluded "it must be your computer, not any HP software." Um. Thanks a lot. The printer will print, but not scan (it is not recognizing the scanner), so if anyone has suggestions for what to try, oh golly, I'd be glad. I never realized how much I use a scanner, but luckily it does seem to be working on the other Mac in the house, so I can use that if I need. Still: I really wish I knew what I needed to fix/change on my computer just to make it work. But: the tech support guy was pretty funny. Uncharacteristically personable, I'd say. He chatted me up about the upcoming holiday and informing me that in Canada, the Monday holiday is called "Family Day." It's a day when people are supposed to spend time with their families. I said it sounded lovely, and typically Canadian: kind of warm-hearted. Sadly, the fellow said that people that work at call centers (like himself) do not get Family Day off of work. Bleak.
J + S got me this awesome mobile for Valentine's Day. The package said that it was a "nano-universe" of geometric shapes. An apt description. I assembled it last night and I think it looks great!
Happy long weekend. Happy Family Day!


naa said...

very cool mobile! I like it a lot!!

SMandL said...

Those shapes look like part of an IQ test, which I would fail miserably.

Ashley said...

I love the mobile!

And I really like visiting your blog. It's refreshing.