Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making faces

It looked like this outside this morning. I did not have anywhere in particular to be today, so I stayed cozied up in the house and felt a little guilty watching out the window as commuters slogged through the elements to get wherever they had to go. Instead, I worked in my slippers and made corn chowder in the crock pot for dinner. One thing about the winter is that Sprout develops a resplendent new coat. Since we got her back in 2008, she's developed so many more spots, big and small. They seem to come and go with the seasons. Sprout didn't have anywhere to be today either, so she luxuriated on her faux sheepskin rug.

Here's some yellow vinyl tape that I've been using for a special art project that I hope to discuss at great length shortly.

And here are some of the prototypes I've clumsily churned out in an effort to keep on top of my teaching responsibilities. If this counts as "work," I guess I'm pretty lucky. We'll see whether the kiddos think the project is cool or ridiculous.


Holly said...

i think you are way cool and i want some corn chowder....

Jill said...

I can't help thinking that Sprout must grow spots when she's happy. That's why she has so many more since you got her.

Love the faces!