Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little premature, perhaps.

After a most enriching and productive month amongst the antiquarians in Massachusetts, I'm back home again. My time in New England in that big house and in the library was very nice, and I feel like I came away having learned a great deal (though one of the main things I learned is how much I don't know). On Thursday we sat around the lunch table and made poems, and while I wasn't too keen on verbally sharing with the group, I thought the colors on mine turned out nicely.

The month was a great time spent with wonderful people, from whom I was pretty unhappy to take my leave. Though my departure felt hasty--there was much more I'd have liked to do--I returned just in time to get caught up in the annual Santa Claus pub crawl on the train, which I obviously wouldn't have wanted to miss.

And on Saturday morning, I wolfed down a very nice plate of huevos rancheros.

Emile Zola and Xavier just bought a grand old house, built in 1889. We all cooked a big dinner and Emile warmed up the new/old player piano. I requested "something patriotic," and she obliged by inserting the Star Spangled Banner roll. At present, many of the rooms in the house are empty, full of potential. In the front room, there is a big, round table ringed with chairs. Absolutely perfect for a seance. The chandelier above it is a gas one, too. Amazing.

While I got to hang out as the dinner cooked, I had to depart before it was quite done so that I'd have time to get downtown for the ballet. It was the Nutcracker, which I really enjoyed, though the plot really sort of dissolves in the second act. The best part, I think, was the dancing candy canes. Here I am all dressed up (as dressed up as I ever am, which is not very dressed up at all).


Em said...

suddenly I want nothing in the world so much as a gas-lamp chandelier.....

la_sale_bete said...

ha! yes, they're charming for sure. maybe not the most practical system of illumination, but pretty magical.