Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few more from London

I had a few more nice jaunts around London and took some pictures on the go.
Here are some stately gates just over the Millennium Bridge.

One of the highlights was visiting Pollock's Toy Museum, which, for me, is a perfect combo of work and play. It's housed in a really charming building, and the objects are all put together in a great cabinet of curiosity kind of way. The text accompanying the toys crammed together in glass cases says things like "this wooden toy boat was carved by an eleven-year-old boy who died two years later." Often cryptic or sensational. Even more frequently difficult to substantiate.
Here's the exterior of the building:

And here are some really intriguing old dolls (I think the text indicated that one of them had been carried by its young owner across the Oregon Trail).

Some blue dudes tumbling from a building on the way to Camden Market.

Prince Albert, looking stately from his memorial.

A cool Anish Kapoor sculpture in Hyde Park. It was great to see people stop and become captivated by it.

Very nice autumn leaves in Hyde Park.

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maggie in america said...

The doll photograph reminds me of a project I did in 5th grade. I told my dad I was going to research dolls and he looked up excitedly and said, "Dogs?" and I said, "No. DOLLS." He was disappointed. Meanwhile, it turned out the history of dolls is actually fascinating! And my parents still have the poster in the attic.