Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seasonal sampling

There's still a few more London photos to go, but it has been so nice to be home that I had to switch gears. While I don't have nearly enough time here to recalibrate myself in every way, I am so happy to be back, relaxing and working, catching up and looking ahead. The fall weather is wonderful and there's been baking and apple cider and enough very good things to keep my heart inflated for quite a few weeks to come. Although I missed out on Halloween, there's still so much autumn fun to be had. I even got to hold the trash bag open to throw away the rotting jack-o-lantern, so I guess I didn't miss out on all the fun!
On Tuesday we went to J & N's house and enjoyed some autumn bounty.

Sprout is funnier than ever these days. She's big into watching out the window:

And when I said something about how funny she was, she just looked at me as though I'm the weird one.

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Emilie said...

i can hear her teeth chattering from here.