Saturday, October 16, 2010

The one where I go to Venice and then post a bunch of lame pictures.

Prato della Valle in Padova. A nice round park ringed with statues. The yellow tape you see was strung up to help mark the course for a footrace taking place that day. The race, probably for some charitable cause, was called 'The Human Race,' and it seemed a sad metaphor to have the runners just circle the statues over and over.

Last week I was in the beautiful city of Padova toiling away with amazing contraptions and books at a very small museum that happened to be closed on Tuesday. I'd already gotten my fill of the city's old churches (and old tourists--it seemed to be a favorite destination for the 75 and older set) so I decided to visit Venice. My knowledge of Venice was limited exclusively to the trivial fact that for some reason they have canals instead of streets, and my understanding of the city's ambiance was based solely on Nicholas Roeg's miraculous film Don't Look Now. So that's really all I had to go by. I spent the morning getting satisfactorily lost in the labyrinth of little alleyways, and in this respect, I enjoyed the city very much. However, as midday approached, a tremendous influx of people hit the streets, clogging everything. Despite the crowds, I did have a very nice quiet morning there and managed to avoid the temptation to purchase the hundreds of thousands of paper mache souvenirs that were thrust into my field of vision. Also: although I came to Venice without even an inkling of what the "important" landmarks were, I was lucky enough to bump into an acquaintance there, and she dragged me to see the Realto Rialto (some bridge) and St. Mark's (some church). So I guess I could check those things off my list (if I had a list). And now: some pretty generic photos I took.

The Hotel Iris. If Jessica Fletcher were visiting Venice, I bet she would stay in a place like this. And that mystery would ensue.

I call this one "street parking" and then I laugh at the good joke I made.

For me, Venice embodied a tragic irony. So much glorious water, but certainly unfit for swimming.


Emilie said...

Did you even try?

Emilie said...

p.s. i miss you.

la_sale_bete said...

I didn't dare try. Maybe it was a mistake.
I miss you too. Bad, in fact.