Thursday, October 28, 2010

One more / One less

It is the perfect time of year, when people’s wardrobes have fully rotated and the air is so thick with Halloween-ness that you could almost swing a butterfly net at night and catch it. Dead leaves swirl in yellow and orange cyclones along the sidewalks, and the shorter days and crisper air put me in a grand mood. I’ve had a great week here in this Southwest city. I did some work, walked around the town quite a bit, and enjoyed sitting up in my warm attic room drinking tea and reading Norwegian crime fiction—a book that’s on the bestseller list here, that some say is comparable to the first Steig Larsson book (which, in my opinion, it is not).

Although I am sad to be far from home as Halloween rolls around, at least the spirit of the season is strongly felt through the weather: autumn is more universal than I’d feared it might be.

The weather was sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy on the day I arrived. Here’s a view from my window. Idyllic.

And here’s that same church [I think] from a different vantage point a few hours later (a storm was a brewin', as you can see).

I ventured to the catacombs, an Egyptian-style above ground cemetery (Britain’s first, I believe). It was built during the 1830s but couldn’t keep up when the cholera came through. Just as I arrived, the rumbling clouds gave way and I had to seek shelter under the trees, between the crypts while the rain further obscured the names on the stones.

Later that same day, when the sun returned, I took a walk to the library where I’d be doing my work this week, and as a very good omen, a rainbow appeared over it. A kind welcome!

Finally, I saw a statue that reminded me of Sprout.

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Jill said...

What a great way to spend an ancient cemetery!