Monday, October 11, 2010

Ode to Gambrinus

All year I dreamed of my favorite pizza place in Pordenone--Gambrinus. I ate there for four nights in a row this year (thankfully, some folks also like it a lot and were willing to join). Its charming 80s aesthetic is still perfectly intact, though the music this year was not quite as good. Last fall, we were treated to a really nice medley of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, while this year, the best we got was the best of ABBA (although they did play the disc or tape twice through).
This awesome King logo is in one of the overhead lights (hence the blur):

And oh, the pizza is spectacular.

I joked that perhaps I might find an optical toy-related treasure in my first Kinder surprise egg, and miraculously enough, I wasn't too far off! Inside I found a terrific spinning top that captured my heart and mind (and held our attention through many meals and late nights at the Bar alla Posta). It is seriously hypnotic and fun to play with. In comparing these two photos, I might also observe that the top is a bit pizza-like.

I took this last photo while waiting at the train station on the day after the film festival. Exhausting, sublime.


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