Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheese / The art of detection

This morning I went to Borough Market--a huge outdoor market with any kind of food you could ever want. The vendors serve up amazing prepared delicacies, and you can also get fresh food of any sort (including something called "finger sausages" and some really scary looking fish). One man stirred a giant cauldron of spicy Thai soup with mussels floating in it. Despite the variety of options, my camera seemed to only fall on cheese-related subjects.

I had the best grilled cheese sandwich that I've ever eaten at Kappacasin. In addition to their special cheese (Ogleshield), they put onions, garlic, and leeks on it. Whoa.
After the market, I had a walk around: past Shakespeare's Globe, where I once saw an all-male peformance of Twelfth Night, which was very funny, past the Tate Modern (I'm going tomorrow), across the Millennium Bridge. Then I hopped on a few buses and ended up at Baker Street. Fine. Perfect opportunity to luxuriate in the omnipresent Sherlock Holmes iconography.


Holly said...

what kind of sandwiches are those??

Anthony Holden said...

Ciao, Meredizia! I was so happy to see that you had posted on my blog and are alive and well. Not just alive, but living it up I see, jet-setting around Europe. Good for you. I am both tickled pink and pea-green with envy. I look like a strawberry right now, I guess.

Kirk said...

Hi Meredith, too of my favorite things, toasted cheese and S. Holmes!

PBS has a new series on their Sunday Masterpiece Mystery series in which they have recast the SH series in modern day London. Dr Watson is an army surgeon just back from Afganistan and SH is a quirky chemist and amateur detective, and they still live together in Baker Street, although the last episode introduced a woman interest for Watson, just so we would not think they were gay, although SH in the first episode made it clear that he was.

Emilie said...

I love all those cheese sandwiches. Awesome. I have a brick with my name on it at the Shakespeare Globe Theater. Just to brag.

I miss you. Come home soon, please. Counting days...3.