Saturday, September 25, 2010

The P-Town Report

(Below: kitchen floor; someone decorated the popcorn bowl).
At last, here's my long overdue rundown of Labor Day Weekend and its delights. While Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer (and having to put away your white clothes and seersucker), it's already weeks past that (and past the first official day of fall). Just as the weather turns, enjoy these snippets from our amazing weekend on the cape and enjoy memories of warmer times. The weather was perfect, as were the company and the surroundings. We went to several different beaches and swam and swam. It was in Provincetown that I learned I was part mermaid. The waves were extra boisterous because Hurricane Earl had recently bumbled by. One of my favorite elements of the weekend was that we got to bike everywhere.

In addition to biking, we traipsed across gorgeous landscapes. Sea grasses and sand.

On Saturday night, we cooked a seriously awesome dinner. Well, everyone else handled preparing the food. My main contributions were shucking the corn and setting the table. The main dish was roasted chicken, but we also ate potatoes, corn and onion salad, and a bunch of other treats. For dessert, we naturally had brownies and caramel corn, the latter of which was completely fossilized by the next morning. Everything was really, really delicious.

I just thought this was a nice juxtaposition:

The whole weekend was pretty much perfect. What a great way to end the summer: spending a weekend taking the town by storm, pedaling up and down the shores, basking in the sun, and splashing in the water. All of this with the very best of pals.

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Holly said...

you deserve many, many more weekends just like this!!