Monday, August 30, 2010

A wedding in Crab Country

(The view from the house).

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of celebrating the nuptials of two friends who are both wonderful people. The bride's family originally hails from Chestertown, Maryland, so we all returned to the vicinity of her ancestral home for the weekend. The place where the event was headquartered is one of the most enchanting locales I have ever visited. Set on several hundred acres of corn and soybean fields and alongside the magnificent Chester River, the wedding was held at an amazing manor house, where we all ate and swam and made some great memories.

After making short work of that enormous pile of crabs, my face bears a look of sweaty satisfaction. (I had help with the crabs--I didn't eat the whole pile).

We got to explore the town a little bit. My dad grew up in a house made of Chestertown bricks. We saw lots of ducks and docks, and an old boat. I got up close and personal with a cicada.

The atmosphere was jubilant, and each detail (the bride and groom did much of the arranging themselves) was thoughtful and perfect, even down to the favors: the bride made each guest a little jar of jam. The heat was sultry and hypnotic, and the revelry continued late into the night. After the ceremony, which was the perfect mixture of formal and fun, we ate and ate and talked and laughed, only subtly noticing the light slip away. And then we took to the pool. What better way to beat the heat than with a night swim?


w. leavitt said...

the crabness looks like a lot of fun. i hope you picked up a "feeling crabby" t-shirt while you were there.

Emilie said...

you dancing on the dock makes me so happy.

la_sale_bete said...

Waynard - All I wear is "feeling crabby" t-shirts. It's not to say I'm actually crabby, just that I enjoy crab puns.

Emile Z - Soon we will be frolicking on the dock together!