Monday, August 23, 2010

A taste of Iceland

(Still from Dagur Kari's Noi the Albino, 2003).

One thing that people remember about me is my love of and interest in Iceland and Icelandic culture. As an undergraduate, I spent some in Iceland doing research about the film industry there. It was such a good time, and the wonderful people I stayed with have become lifelong friends. Even though my scholarly interests have changed since then, people often ask me about Icelandic film (which I haven't really kept up on). It's just funny that it's often the one fact that people associate with me. Still, I do love talking about Iceland and the awesome things I saw and did here.

This weekend I had the opportunity to host two visitors from Iceland (a family member of the people I stayed with and her friend). They were here to explore the city and kept super busy seeing the sights and shopping. They're very thoughtful and brought me some delicious Icelandic candy. Hooray!

I already ate the Sirius bar (oops!) and will have to be careful to ration the rest. I'm excited to enjoy the Pipp, and am pretty intrigued by the Sambo. Yum.


Jill said...

The Icelandic thing is something that comes to mind when I think about you. It will always be that way I think.

maggie in america said...

I didn't know this about you! Can you recommend some good/interesting ones for me to watch?

la_sale_bete said...

Jill - You were around during my most Icelando-centric days. What fun we had!

Maggie - I'll give you a few recommendations if you want!