Sunday, June 13, 2010

The last of the Rothchilds

Oh my, it's been a long time. My days have been filled to the brim with work and play, so I cannot complain too much. I spent a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in New England, where I got to see some great swatches of countryside and some cool museums. And it's true what they're saying, that when June rolled around, I turned a whole year older. I had a great dinner on my actual birthday, and later, a picnic to celebrate. Here is a very flattering birthday tribute to me by my sister (accompanied by some decidedly unflattering pictures of me!) It turns out that my fashion aesthetic in the 1980s was mis-matched Rainbow Brite waif. Nice. Noodles managed to unearth some amazing archival treasures to illustrate her report. And speaking of archival treasures, I'm spending long hours (and a long commute) sifting through a collection of children's literature and toys. I finished week one (of three) at the library, and it's been awesome so far. In the interim, the dill has sprouted into a creature straight out of Dr. Seuss. And I ate some delicious Scottish candy.
One of my great birthday gifts was this beautiful Moomin fabric from Finland! It came in a package with Moomin stamps, and with a Moomin lollipop. Awesome! I think it'll make an excellent pillowcase.

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w. leavitt said...

the letter noodles found was especially sweet.