Friday, June 25, 2010

The birthday picnic

Jamie and I both have June birthdays and decided to co-host a picnic to acknowledge this fact. Despite iffy weather forecasts, we optimistically forged ahead. I drew this picture for the invitation we sent out:

The information for the party was inside that little cloud bubble thing.
Of course, the moment we arrived at the park, cumbersome picnic things in tow, the grumbling, watercolor skies finally burst open and it started pouring. We considered retiring to a nearby bar or something, but we didn't think they'd appreciate us dragging in our serving bowls of pasta salad, chips, salsas, and watermelons. I suggested that we simply take over an unoccupied stone gazebo at the edge of the park, but my idea was quickly vetoed by the rest of the gang, since the gazebo (as an unmonitored public space) was littered with cigarette butts, wine bottles, and splotches of bodily fluid. Instead, Chris and Michael graciously offered to let us move the picnic indoors to their house. What great pals! So we scooped up our things and marched a few blocks down. We spread the blanket on the living room floor and had a great time. The highlight was probably the hilarious mad libs that we did. Here's a bunch of us cheerfully en route to the impromptu party location:

A very special thanks to Chris and Michael for willingly opening their hearts and homes at a moment's notice. We had a great time!


Holly said...

you all look amazingly cheerful!!

Jill said...

Happy birthday Meredith! June birthdays are truly the best. Love you.