Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday! (Guttural chomping sounds)

A warm and hearty birthday shout out to Wayne!

Wayne is your go-to guy if you ever want to don some cowboy boots and tromp across a muddy reservoir at the witchin' hour. Or if you want to drive and drive down rocky back roads until the sun comes up and/or the car breaks from the bumps (whichever happens first). Or if you want to pay a 6 am visit to an open pit copper mine. Or if you want to watch Drawing Restraint 9 and guffaw and chuckle the whole way through. Essentially: Wayne is a first-rate friend, through and through. I miss being able to call him up any old time and rope him in to some ill-conceived adventure. But we'll meet again soon.

Happy birthday, Wayne!

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