Friday, March 05, 2010

When it's in like a lion, it's hardly ever out.

(A rainbow of good fortune--clotheslines in winter).

Some of these have been back and forth days, where it either feels like the winter gloom will never subside, or you get the faintest inclination of spring seeping through the cracks. When I go out of the city to teach, I always try to pretend that the latter is the case, because to face a small town in the midst of the hopeless throes of winter seems much less manageable. When I'm at home, I don't mind at all if it's cold and gray, because it's easy to work with a cup of tea and the dog making goose sounds in her little basket beside the desk.

Last weekend was a very good one. A dump of snow on Friday, and Sprout and I ventured out for a very special errand, but then we all stayed in for the evening. There was Indian take-out and Pepsi throwback, which is maybe one of the best combinations in the world. And another unlikely combination: black beans in brownies. Mette mentioned this recipe, which I hazarded late Friday night. The resulting treats, while not as picturesque as in the original recipe, were still delicious. More like fudge than brownie, but a reasonable hybrid of the two.

I cooked a pizza with green peppers on it, which turned out just fine, saw The White Ribbon and ate Kati Rolls, played Super Mario Bros, and found some free stuff on the street! On two separate occasions, a total of four nice mugs, and four little bowls. The bowls were an especially good find, as they're useful for spices and sauces. The pineapple was also free, though it came in the grocery order and was not found on the street.


Holly said...

are those YOUR clothes??

Jill said...

I could just read your posts all day. I love the way you say things.

We missed you this weekend when Stephen and Emilie were here for a visit. I will be seeing you sometime in May I hope, when I come to NYC for a visit. Yeah!

la_sale_bete said...

haha! no, they are not my clothes. they belong to a polish person whose house we walked by.
Jill, it looks like you all had a great time! I would have loved to be there. Excited to see you when you come to NYC! Do you know the dates yet?

Noodles said...

Love the clothes picture. Do you try out your Polish with the owner?

Holly said...

are you SURE those aren't your clothes...i could swear i've seen you in that yellow/brown striped polo....just sayin'

at swim-two-birds said...

haha, funny :)