Monday, March 15, 2010

The chain link bridal veil (and why it doesn't work)

On Thursday evening we'd planned on attending a lecture about dioramas, but it was nearing the end of the week and fatigue was setting in, so instead, we elected to browse through the books at St. Marks, which proved very enjoyable. I selected two novels and am happily reading one in the evenings. While I was in the bookstore, a man accompanied by a basset hound came through the fiction section. The basset hound became so excited when he found the book he wanted that he started heaving and honking up a storm until the mortified man had to leave. This weekend was pretty rainy. Extended excursions were abandoned (or postponed) in favor of Super Mario Bros, reality TV, and Pepsi Throwback, (quickly becoming a weekend staple). Being housebound was mostly nice, but a little bit of a drag, considering the house guest this weekend, Miss Gracie, the pit bull. With a face like a mime and a spirit to match, she's a real joy to have around.
Unlike Sprout, Gracie is a puppy and really likes to run and play and do normal dog things, so it's been really fun. She also makes hilarious sounds in her sleep, like she's summoning a band of primordial pit bull warriors from beyond the grave to come and join her for a romp in the park. Although Sprout is not remotely social, she's been a relatively gracious hostess, with the exception of a passive aggressive dollop of urine to welcome Gracie to our home. Thanks a lot.

Today an extraordinarily slow group of Italian tourists nearly cut of my legs in the revolving door at the Public Library by failing to get out of the way in time. The sassy security guard gave them a piece of her mind for blocking my path. I guess she saw that I had some serious studies to pursue. Ha.


Holly said...

wow - they could be cousins!!

w. leavitt said...

the revolving door story makes me smile because i am occasionally reminding someone about the pragmatics of moving through doorways