Saturday, February 20, 2010

Learning about wires from days of yore

Last week I went to observe one of the high school classes in which I will be teaching a short series of film studies workshops. It is an old building just out of the city with plaques to remember the town members who perished in WWI. It's been awhile since I've been in a high school. The teacher mentioned Vasco da Gama, which prompted someone to yell "Yo' Mama!" I sat in the back with the boys, fully enveloped in a thick cloud of Axe body spray that became so overwhelming that it later required someone to crack a window. I think it will be a fun class.
Last Wednesday we had a snow day. Because I primarily work at home, there was no cause for my daily routine to be disrupted, but since the whole city shut down and the snow so beautifully piled up outside, I decided to simply declare the day unsuitable for work. Instead, I caught up on a few sewing projects.
Curtains: hemmed.

Pillow: encased.

First attempt at applique:

I finally saw The Hurt Locker, which was not too satisfying. The trailer showed most of the good parts. And thematically, I thought it was sort of a belly flop. I suppose one good thing about it was that it perhaps gave a glimpse about what it must be like to have to be on your guard all the time. Very scary situations.
I also saw An Education, which was gorgeous but seemed to be advocating the right things for the wrong reasons, or the wrong things for the right reasons. The ending felt like a Bravo reality show challenge: You have four minutes to wrap up this story. GO! This resulted in an unsatisfactory explanation of a character's behavior, followed by a ridiculous montage.
Tonight: Shutter Island, which threatens to be terrible, but I'm such a sucker for films set in mental institutions. What is creepier than methods of psychological testing from bygone days? (I guess this is an open question I am posing).


Jill said...

Fist of all, I love your sewing projects. Second, I loved 'An Education' but I agree with you about the ending: rather abrupt!

Fenster T. Tropf said...

And in the end of it, I had no idea you were so...crafty! Impressed I am!