Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Clay and Canvas (not in Kansas)

It's been four weeks of semi-rigorous labor, but at last, the house is nearly all put together.
One of the most [predictably] arduous parts of the process was wrestling with a hulking Ikea shelf. After two hours of wedging those awful wooden pegs into their ill-fitting pre-drilled holes, the entire thing was out of whack just enough to make securing the final set of screws nearly impossible. Of course the first thing I did upon the shelf's completion was use it to scare and humiliate the dog:

And here's a close up of her pitiful, manipulative face. In this case, her visible discomfort is justified, but this is the same expression she displays every time you do anything that she interprets as cruel, like not letting her sit on your lap every time you're on the couch, or not letting her sleep on your pillow when it's time for bed, or not giving her a little bite of everything you're eating. She's got a tough life.

Here is one unfinished corner of the living room. The undersized school desk that we found on the street back in September is a perfect table for the ivy. I also found this wooden "greenwald" sign on the street and thought it might look good somewhere, though I'm not sure where, or what greenwald is.


DrDavon said...

Awww, sprout looks so cute in that picture!

Jill said...

I would kill for a blown up copy of the second picture of Sprout! I LOVE it!!! If I could look at that every day I would be one happy camper. It made me laugh out loud.

la_sale_bete said...

Oh yes, a cute picture of Sprout is enough to perk anyone up on a glum day!