Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rivers, tracks. Neon slacks.

I'm slowly limbering up and rediscovering some of the quirks of living around these parts again. I went to the post office for three days in a row in an [ultimately futile] attempt to buy stamps. The man always said "we don't have any," and when I finally inquired when he thought they might be getting some, he laughed and said, "honey, that'd be like me telling you the winning lottery numbers. I just don't know." He then immediately swiveled toward his co-worker and repeated my request in a mocking falsetto tone. Silly me for asking. Then, walking the dog the other day, a man jogged over and eagerly asked "oh, is she a female? I've got a male!" Perhaps sensing the man's predatory vibes, or because a big truck was rumbling past, Sprout reared up like a horse and made a buggy-eyed lunge away from the corner. This is maybe the third or forth stranger to approach me unsolicited and ask whether I might like their dog to sire Sprout's puppies (recall the incident at the Giglio last year). It makes me feel uncomfortable and protective, like an old world mother trying to arrange the best match for her daughter. I want to ask: "does your dog have the means to marry? He's not an artist, is he?" But also, it just seems like kind of a crass thing to ask a stranger on the corner.
This week, we thankfully finished painting the apartment, which turned out to be a tremendous undertaking. Most of it was relatively easy, because although the ceilings are 13 feet, there's no need to paint above the moulding. The kitchen, however, did require painting to the top, which was pretty unpleasant. But now that the surfaces are properly treated, furniture can slide into place, boxes can be unpacked, and an orderly lifestyle will surely follow suit. Right? Yesterday, I attended a very vaguely Icelandic-themed party. The culinary pursuits of the week included: fruit smoothies, some inedibly spicy lentils, a pretty good finely-chopped salad, and Kenny Shopsin's African green curry soup. I'm excited to check out Hickoree's Hard Goods (and have fewer than ten days to get there). Today it's back to MoMA for one last look at the Bauhaus show.

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Jill said... picture of your new paint. I'd love to see it. That's a lot of work. Work I hate, but I love the finished product.

Please protect that Sprout of yours.