Thursday, November 19, 2009

Solid disgust, paving the way for miles to the shore

Last weekend in New York was top notch, as usual. I haven't been there during a November for two years, so it was special to get to walk around at that awkward in between phase when people unearth their medium weight jackets and start hunching their shoulders more. There are a few nice things to report. I paid a quick visit to the American Folk Art Museum, where I was introduced to the terrific work of Vestie Davis, a new inspiration.

And I gave myself 30 minutes to breathlessly run through the Bauhaus exhibit at MoMA. A really inadequate time frame, I'm afraid. Of particular interest were all the awesome toys designed by Bauhaus artists, the furniture, and the amazing color studies. Luckily, the show is going on until late January, so I'll have abundant opportunity to visit again (and again). It was fun taking the dog for a walk, and eating Brussels sprouts at Westville, cupcakes at Sweet Revenge, pizza at Motorino, and squash at home. I also presented at a great conference. You can read my riveting impressions of it here if you're interested. Since being back, I'm still trying to shake my quasi-tubercular hacking cough, and starting to think about the realities of packing and moving in the coming weeks. And on an unrelated note, I happened upon these beautiful [but expensive] bird calls, available here.

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can i come with you one time?