Saturday, October 31, 2009

And that's why table saws and tap shoes mean it's almost time for us to come home

A few weekends ago my dear Aunt Sheryl came to town to visit some friends of hers. They had me down to dinner one evening, which was a lot of fun. We sat at a picnic table at the beach and watch the sun set very, very slowly, poised to catch a glimpse of the green flash, which I don't think happened, or if it did, I missed it. Still, I haven't concentrated that hard on the setting sun in a long time, so it was a real treat. As it grew dark, we discussed our morbid fears of the ocean. My aunt brought a very peculiar bag of Cheetos with her. They were pretty big--much bigger than the average size of a Cheetos ball (the kind that were sold in a can). And these had an added bonus. Somehow--miraculously--when you ate them, they turned your tongue blue! What an amazing addition.

The next day, Tim came through on his annual water polo trip. He brought his friend Alexis, a pleasant man from Cyprus who spent the better part of the afternoon asleep on my living room floor while Tim and I watched Planet B-Boy, a rad documentary about an international breakdancing competition. We ate at the Chicken Ranch, which I don't think is an especially special place or any reason, but we go there every fall anyway. They brought me some Russian cocoa and a nice jar of orange honey with the honeycomb still intact.

On the day of my exams, Joe gave me this ring, which was sold at AM/PM when The Phantom was coming out. Although it's got a skull on it, I knew it was a good omen for the outcome of the exams. This week a woman on the bus gave me two avocados. Skeleton rings and delicious foods. That's California hospitality for you.

I rigged up a little clothesline to hang the postcards and other treasures that I acquire. It's just two thumbtacks and a little bit of yarn, but it seems to be holding up okay. I found the little clothespins in a toy store/stationery story in Italy (see below). The items are (from L to R): a postcard I picked up from DIA: Beacon during my visit last March, A postcard of a kid and an alligator Alex sent me from D.C. (?), a print from Rifle that Jordan bought last year, and my surprise pizza birthday card that Jordan made me in June.

The aforementioned Chicken Ranch has a huge gumball machine that's filled not just with gumballs, but with clear plastic balls filled with money! I really wanted one, and tried four times (each time only receiving a gross gumball) before giving up. I hope this doesn't constitute a gambling addiction.


sunsetandcamden said...

I cannot picture my mom eating giant cheese balls that turn your tongue blue. Did you make that up? :)

la_sale_bete said...

Nope--it's true! It's true! It was so much fun. Maybe she can find the Cheetos there and you call can try it!