Sunday, August 23, 2009

Calvary lipstick

This evening on the northbound train, a woman of unidentifiable origin spoke loudly in a language that had the cadance of clucking chickens. Behind her was a woman--probably around 50 years of age--with a wild, accusatory look permanently displayed across her taut face: the product of far too many cosmetic surgeries. She was dressed like a slutty sock hop attendee and sat next to one of the train conductors, who seemed possibly to be her husband. They chatted while his radio occasionally crackled, indicating the detection of a Metrolink commuter rail train in the vicinity. He always ignored the radio, which was disconcerting, considering that the two trains share the same track.

Things are busy here. There's an awful lot to report that's just not going to make it: a just fine presentation at Visible Evidence XVI, some wonderful quality time in Los Angeles, teaching a lot, reading almost as much, and this past weekend: a quick jaunt to the American Southwest, where I spied a scorpion carcass, the Big Dipper, several lizards, and stunning vistas galore. Here are a few other things.

A healthy breakfast.

In step through the red dirt near Cathedral Rock.

Watercolor swatches (ongoing).

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w. leavitt said...

i'm glad to see you got a taste of the desert.