Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back already

A few nice pictures from the end of July:
Sprout going out in her rain slicker (although she looks uncomfortable here, believe me when I say she's much more uncomfortable when she goes out in the rain sans her slicker).

Waiting for the bus on the way to Ned's birthday in Prospect Park
The bat ears near the bottom belong to Sprout, who was quivering violently while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Some of the strange things I end up missing:
Washing Dishes. One chore that I'm pretty good about doing.

A collection of seaside curiosities. A sea lion, some shells, some ribbon, a bee that squeaks, Owen, and Mzee.

These peculiar glass things hanging by the window.
I think Janet's mom maybe sent them from Finland?

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sunsetandcamden said...

I love that your dog has a rain slicker!