Sunday, July 05, 2009

While I accept my ageless aging

Friday marked the one-year anniversary of when we [rather unexpectedly] brought Sprout home from the pound. If you'll recall, the first few days were somewhat turbulent. A whole year later, I'm happy to report that she's become the most delightful dog anyone could ever hope for. Perhaps I'm biased, considering she's my first real dog (excepting Lady, the brutish, sausage-like German Shepard inherited from my grandmother, who mostly only understood Polish and wasn't the post sociable beast). Sprout is great at settling into routines, at breaking the ice at parties, and she's an expert cuddler. She's not without her quirks, of course. Her idiosyncrasies are part of her charm: the way she rears up like a horse when she hears a truck or bus, her tendency to get motion sick, and her habit of eating too quickly, then burping in your face are all part of what makes her so special and so easy to love. Here are some of her signature pastimes:
She loves doing yoga to keep her muscles stretched, and to proudly flex her nubbin.

She enjoys relaxing on this rug, and occasionally peeing on it (when she feels she's been wronged).

When people meet Sprout for the first time, they often think that they've formed a special bond with her because of how affectionate she is. In truth, she's just kind of slutty.

Although she does a great job of not taking herself too seriously, she can also be very dignified and brave. She quickly learns what constitutes her pack's territory and keeps a watchful eye on things (i.e., barks at trucks as they drive by). She often surveys the scene from the comfort of her little bed. Fair enough.

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Jill said...

I think Sprout and I would like each other. She would feel my deep and abiding love for dogs. We would be friends.