Thursday, July 02, 2009

Undulations of another sort

Adjusting to city life again (well, my version of city life is considerably slower than most other folks'). Stig had an enchanting dinner party. Ran into Joey on the subway (also headed to the party). It was really nice to see some of the classic cougars gathered together again. Tim was coming through and had a friend subletting a place in Park Slope with a wonderful rooftop. As we were sitting up there, we were treated to an unexpected firework show somewhere in New Jersey. We also played bocci at Union Hall. My bocci days back in the trailer park in Rathdrum sort of paid off--I wasn't too bad. Went to an author talk (of a book I hadn't read). The author was charasmatic. She had smile lines around her eyes even though she's not yet 30. Met some of the old Museum folks for lunch in Astoria and milled around there for a bit (which included running into Bryna in a small shop, then Dennis Lim on the street). Coincidentally, and in a totally different neighborhood, I ran into Jon Spurney, who played (or still plays?) the piano for the silent film screenings at the Museum. The man in line in front of me at the Post Office was trying to mail a pepper grinder in a flat-rate envelope. Saw The Headless Woman at MoMA. I'd wanted to see it for so long. It was so crowded--sold out. There was a quasi-altercation between two elderly women next to us. One insisted upon resting her feet on the back of the other's chair. The offended party threatened to get security. The movie was only so-so, but I was still happy to see it. Ate at the Shake Shack. Tonight we ate at a French restaurant. Cafe Henri. Our sandwiches came with sprigs of rosemary sticking out of them like plumes on marching band hats. Relatedly, Megha said she'd seen a film starring Ronnie Bronstein (also formerly of the Museum) with the word "Rosemary" in the title. We talked about the founding of Waldorf Schools. While we were eating, a crack of thunder boomed so loudly in the street outside that I shrieked. Went to Film Forum to watch Agnes Varda's new film--The Beaches of Agnes. It was really very nice. In the theater, there was such a gurgling sound coming from nearby that I wondered if it was someone's stomach or a tremendous thunderstorm. On the way out, we passed Chloe Sevigny, and then [separately] Miranda July, both of whom were going to the next showing. Star-studded. Having lots of great quality time with Sprout, who is currently snoozing beside me, vexed by a truck rumbling past. Two trips to two farms tentatively planned for the coming days.


Noodles said...

So did he get to mail the pepper grinder in the flat rate envelope? Did it fit completely inside and close without modifications? I LOVE that he tried to do that. Maybe I can try to send you something really big in a flat rate envelope.

w. leavitt said...

If I were Jon Spencer my comment would be "ACTION PACKED!"