Monday, July 27, 2009

Extraordinary feather feats

Funny characters from around the town (as of late).
Saw these guys in a storefront and had to come back for a picture several days later. They're monstrous and gory heads on sticks, but made of such soft and nice materials: felt, wool, so despite the brains and the blood spatter, they look very muppet-like. Such a contradiction of form and content is extremely pleasant to me.

Took a long, rambling walk through lower Manhattan with HJ. She is also a visitor to the city, so she's willing to indulge my aimless jaunts. I have found in many experiences, the longer someone lives in New York, the less inclined they are to take such long, unmotivated trips. This is, of course, not always true, but sometimes. So we stopped in at a little vinyl toy store on the Lower East Side (I think it was actually this place) and enjoyed all of the strange and wonderful trinkets. She bought a Sonny Angel figure--blind assortment, so you don't know what you're getting--and hoped it was the Koala face. It was! Later we took a breather at Katz's deli, where I took a picture of the figure amidst the condiments and sodas.

And finally, to my work ethic (or lack thereof). The aforementioned walk occurred on a day when I was supposed to be working. I have managed to get an okay amount done (I'm not ahead, but also not yet quite behind). I realize I need several breaks throughout the day: to visit a gallery (I saw the Northern (L)attitudes exhibit at the Scandinavia House last week) or a little project. One afternoon I couldn't get it out of my head that I wanted to make a pair of cardboard figures. So here's how they turned out. Not perfect, but not too bad considering I had no ruler.

(behind the figures is a collage I made in the fall of 2007).


w. leavitt said...

now i'm bemoaning the demise of our paper mache' Pieta'

foibled spirit said...

next time in NY, take me once for these "aimless jaunts" of yours...they are so rivetingly an afterthought - just conquering the landmarks in NY as I did this time do not make for good blog writng