Thursday, July 23, 2009

Either meet Michel Gondry, or fall victim to a steaknife attack

Last night heading home from the dog park, there were two routes that I wanted to take. One took us by the house of Miss Bunny, an amazingly beautiful brown miniature pinscher who escaped from her home last week and was wandering aimlessly in the streets until we rescued her. I had secretly hoped that we wouldn't find her owner and that we could keep her. The other way home led us down a street I haven't traveled: Orient Ave. Since the likelihood of Miss Bunny being out and ready for adoption was slim to none, the latter option won out. Halfway down Orient, which is only a block long, I spied a vacant lot for sale, bordered by a flimsy plywood fence. Upon closer inspection, I saw that set farther back on the lot is actually the MOST AMAZING HAUNTED HOUSE I'VE EVER SEEN!

It's a fixer-upper, to say the least, but obviously well worth the trouble. So I started peering through the holes in the fence and planning on how I'm going to fix it up. Sure, it might end up being structurally-unsound, and sure, it looks like there have been at least two fires in it, but it's going to be great. I immediately begin speculating as to how much the thing might cost, and can't wait to get home to do some internet research on the place, and on Orient Ave. (my new neighborhood). Whenever I decide to investigate an old building, I usually don't find anything too remarkable, but this time luck was on my side. At first, when I googled it, I got this: "59 Orient Ave. (Eternal Sunshine house)" and I thought: "Eternal Sunshine!? Radical! It used to be the headquarters for a cult!" After a few additional searches, however, I discovered that this historic gem served as the exterior of Kate Winslet's house in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Hollywood glamor and cult weirdness are of equivalent interest to me, so it was still good news. Here's what the house looked like in the movie:

So I guess it's seen better days. Apparently, it's now a squatter's paradise and likely just waiting to me bought and demolished so that a monolithic bank of unattractive condos can be built. Boo hoo. The price has gone from about $2.5 million to $1.3. So pretty close to my price range, but not quite within it. The neighborhood is a funny one, too. From what I read, Michel Gondry resides (at least part-time) in another house on the street. Alas, since the house above is a haven for drugs/prostitution/etc., some gnarly things have gone down on the block, such as a steak knife attack last year. If you're ever shopping around for a house, and you need encouragement to go ahead and go for that fixer-upper, give me a call. I can definitely envision grandeur when everyone else sees squalor. I'm also deeply impractical.


Noodles said...

Maybe the squatters would chip in a few bucks and you could buy the place together! They'd probably enjoy electricity and water.

Jill said...

Squatter camp-boring. Haunted House-not boring. I liked your first hunch.