Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A children’s game involving the avoidance of sharp hives

Last weekend we picked up a friend's CSA who was out of town. I’m not much of a vegetable-eater, so I was pretty bewildered and excited by the bizarre bounty we brought back. Many kinds of lettuces, something called a kohlrabi (aka the "German Turnip"). There were also fruits, eggs, and a very nicely-composed bunch of flowers. Agricultural delights.

Megha celebrated a birthday in Prospect Park on Saturday. We loafed around on blankets, listening to a man nearby practice his harmonica (for several hours), and chatting pleasantly. Sprout was unsurprisingly affectionate with party guests, and most were pleased to indulge her. Later, we played a game of SPUD, which was reminiscent of the game of Seven Stones that we all played in the same park for Megha’s birthday two years ago. Here we are showing some hustle. Per usual, I invited a couple of extra rules/rituals to go with the game (even though I didn’t entirely master the game and its rules as it is typically played).

I got a fancy haircut (my first ever), and Ruthie (the woman who cut it) did a great job maintaining (but slimming down) the tendrils. Now I sport a side part. Ooh la la. To celebrate, we got some pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana, which I hadn’t been to since Shooshie brought several of us there many years ago. It’s delicious. Owen Wilson sat across from us. He was wearing a forlorn expression and reading the paper. Cute. But maybe not as cute as the pizza.

This morning I had breakfast at A Q Kafe, which offers magnificent Scandinavian cuisine. On my way, I saw two ads for Icelandair on the subway. My heart pined for the barren and mysterious north.
Tonight: Harry Potter.


Holly said...

i love the new 'do'!!!

Jill said...

The side part is very fetching as is the pizza.
P.S. I like your friends' names.

w. leavitt said...

what pleasant times there in NYC. i'm now here in UT seeking adventures and memories.