Friday, June 05, 2009

Glorious patterns of guts and incantations

Oh. My. Goodness. There are barrels of things to write about. For example, on Tuesday, I had the best birthday surprise ever. I cannot wait to write all about the radical time I had on my birthday. In the interest of chronology, however, first I'll post a few photographic highlights from last week. More grand details of my birthday to come.
For now, though, here's last week's rundown:
I ate a small but delicious salami and swiss sandwich.

Ryan bought peonies at Trader Joe's. When they opened up, they turned different colors! Beautiful.

I finished my first "quilted" quilt! Hooray! This one's for my littlest nephew in Tokyo. (More pictures on Flickr).

Last Saturday evening, a whole group of us went to go see Up, which was really, really great. I loved it. While waiting in line, Ryan tested out a new quad-camera application she's got on her iphone. Here I am, looking especially cool wearing my 3D classes on top of my regular glasses. Super chlo.


Jill said...

All of this is great. Can't wait for more updates on the birthday happenings. Happy Birthday girl!!! June birthdays are the best!!

plumpdumpling said...

I saw it, too! I loved it, too! Tracey thought it had a ridiculous plot. But Tracey hates balloons and happiness, so it makes sense.