Saturday, June 27, 2009

Excercises in rustic dining

Had a pretty nice visit home. The tail end of what turned out to be a very ill-fated trip up the river with my folks brought us to an old family favorite: the Snakepit. Built in the 1880s, the place has been a saloon, a whorehouse, and now a family-friendly eatery. It's a great place crammed full of ephemera from the old west, both then and now. I took the red eye to New York, landed at 4:30 am, and met Willis at the airport. Our paths criss crossed for just a moment as he was flying out to Iceland, and I was flying into JFK. Later that day, safely installed in the city, I awakened from my blurry, confused day/night sleep, and got a sandwich at Lodge, which interestingly sort of replicates the aura of the Snakepit. Of course, the Idaho establishment has history and authenticity on its side, whereas the New York place sort of has a California-clean version of "rustic" going on. Regardless, it was a nice atmosphere. And a nice sandwich.
Here are some of the carefully-crafted Antler lights:

There's a nice open area as you first walk in:

Last night, I saw Swan Lake at the ballet. Frankly, I wouldn't have had any idea what was going on if it hadn't been for that little synopsis in the program. The guy who played von Rothbart, the evil sorcerer, was magnificent--he looked like he was straight out of a Georges Melies film. At the end, when Odette took the plunge into the lake, I gasped. The Japanese tourist next to me glared. Whatever. She slept through just as much of the second act as I did, so she has no room to talk.


Emilie said...

i am laughing. japanese tourist. swan lake ballet.

Noodles said...

I still need to hear about the Snake Pit adventure from you.

kasha said...

i LOVE the snake pit! and by "love" i mean i remember going there once with my mom coming home from a camping trip. but i'm really excited to see it appear in my life again. how was it? i also remember driving home from there i was thinking about how nice it would be to innertube down that river. didn't we talk about doing that? can we still?