Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Detective work, and flying the coop

I'm taking off for the Pacific Northwest for a little while. Excited to see my bro and his family: nephews and now even a little niece! Then off to see my folks amidst the mountains and lakes. It is going to be a great time.
I had high hopes of crafting my nephews lovely little gifts, or bringing them impressive trinkets, and as usual, I got so busy with school that it was hard to find the time and mental energy (for example, I have not even packed yet even though I am leaving today). The little wooden people that I began working on remain half-painted, but they will surely be a fine gift down the road. But the point is: one thing I did pick up for them, which I've been meaning to get hold of for awhile, is Erich Kastner's Emil and the Detectives. Originally published in 1929, it sounds like a wonderful mystery set in Berlin, featuring Emil, who is robbed on the train, and who later mobilizes a gang of kid detectives to help get the money back. Hopefully I will be able to read it to my nephews in mellower moments.

I got the Barnes and Noble edition, which I think has the original illustrations. They're very charming and vaguely TinTin-esque.


Jill said...

I want you for an aunt! Hope you have a great. Please post all about it.

Holly said...

what is the dear neice's name??

Emilie said...