Saturday, June 13, 2009

Imagine my elation when I saw it was for me

Ah, here it comes, that birthday update you've all been awaiting!
There were so many things to get done for finals week--writing, thinking, grading, etc--and lots of photos to go through commemorating my great day. Now that things are slowing down, I have a chance to process and write all about it.
My birthday was a Tuesday, the day before many of us had our fancy final presentations in Film Theory. Naturally, I figured everyone would be too busy to hang out. Fair enough. So the plan was to order pizza with Ryan and E & B and and maybe watch some Jeopardy. Low key, but very pleasant. Before that, I was going to meet up with Jeff for a quick howdy and hello, since he was moving to LA later that week. When I got back home, planning to order the pizza, I opened the door to find ALL MY FRIENDS HERE IN MY HOUSE!!!! It was amazing. I was seriously 100% surprised. It was radical.
Turns out, a few weeks earlier, Jordan started imagining the party and coordinating with Ryan and E & B from all the way in NYC, and my pals here executed it, adding their own special details. I couldn't believe how thoughtful and sweet it all was. They ordered 6 different pizzas from 5 different places (and even drove to pick them all up!) because they know how much I love pizza. There were also balloons sprucing up every corner of the house. Ryan baked amazing cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting. Awesome. It was so wonderful, and particularly special to get to see everyone together near the end of the year, since we'll all be going our separate ways for the summer and beyond.
Here are some of the highlights. I also made a flickr set with all the pics.
Ryan has a great quad-cam feature on her iphone. It's really handy for capturing the essence of an event:

Nicole brought her new camera, and there were lots of group pictures taken. For some reason, many of these groups were arranged by gender. Here are all of the gals. In this shot, we're all in the process of toppling over:

Here are the fellas, looking macho and tough:

My spectacular cupcake tree:

I really wanted to get a shot with the beautiful balloons, but it didn't happen on the night of my birthday. The following day, when I went to pose with them, they were sadly already beginning to lose their helium, so I clutched them close and threw them into the air with glee. It looked like this:
create animated gif
So obviously, as you can see, it was pretty much one of the best birthdays ever. I feel so lucky and loved. It's a great way to start my 27th year.


Jill said...

Like I said, best people ever born in June. I had the same kind of birthday with so many people doing so many nice thing. Love birthdays! Happy Birthday Meredith. Wish I could have joined your party.

w. leavitt said...

i'm not sure which picture highlights it best, but the balloon throw certainly kept my attention for about 5 minutes straight.