Friday, May 08, 2009

"Several almost entirely used rolls of tape"

All the scariness about the fire has got me thinking about the essentials I'd take with me if I had to flee. After much deliberation, I think I've figured it out. Things like: my button collection (maybe not the larger buttons that didn't fit in the jar), my bike pump (because I've always wanted one and my neighbor Dana had an extra one that he gave me), all my 30 library books, 'cause I'll be damned if I have to pay those fines or have my account frozen (actually it already is, because I have several issues of Reader's Digest circa 1947 that are a day overdue...oops), a big pile of unsorted papers on my floor, because I'm sure some of them are important, my new fabric scissors, since they are still sharp, my "I love you sew much" post-it note, probably a sweatshirt in case I get cold, my bed, my sewing machine. My armchair (if there is room). Yes, I've got my priorities straight.

On ungt blod I saw a link to a very peculiar and amusing site. This woman is moving from Detroit to Alabama, and has cataloged all of her possessions and put them up for sale (it seems that you name the price). A fun idea, because 1: you get a record of all the treasures you once owned, and 2: it's a systematic way of slimming down the junk and bulking up on the cash for your move. I think this woman may also have some sort of strange artistic/community intentions behind her experiment, so more power to her.

Some of her descriptions of the things are so wonderful:
"Several almost entirely used rolls of tape. Masking, electrical, double-sided, etc."
"One fun round swirly thingy."
"Metal bookends. Several books included upon request."
"One full can of artist fixative. At least 10,000 sprays left."

With descriptions like these, no wonder the things are selling like crazy! Try to grab something while you can!

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