Sunday, May 31, 2009

See how broad my wingspan is and know that the inescapable terror I imagine is just a little bit wider than that

All week I waited for the time and clarity to sit down and craft a wonderfully detailed account of my adventures during weekend 2 in Los Angeles, which, by now, is already a week behind me. How on earth did that happen? Instead, here I am late on Saturday night, compelled to clack out a couple of notes (which will undoubtedly not do my wonderful times in LA justice) so that I will be able to move on and keep abreast of more recent developments. So here it goes:
Friday: Vietnamese soup and The Brothers Bloom with Holly and Jordan. Obviously very fun.
Saturday: Disneyland. My maiden voyage, and boy, it was a treat. Here are the rides we went on (and the order, I think): Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, The Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (for which Nathaniel bravely overcame his childhood fear), Small World, Jungle Cruise, The Enchanted Tiki Room (more of an experience), The hokey train that goes around Disneyland, Star Tours, Honey I Shrunk the Audience (a breathtakingly early 1990s 3D extravaganza), and Space Mountain (x 2). Highlights: all of it. The Haunted Mansion was all of my childhood dreams come true. I screamed so loud on Big Thunder Mountain that the patrons in line shuddered in disbelief. My voice has been hoarse all week as a result. Then on Space Mountain, the ride attendant inadvertantly permitted us to ride twice in a row. I nearly released all of my excrement with excitement because of this.
I inelegantly devoured cotton candy as we exited the park. Note the stupid, jubilant, fatigued look on my face. That is what an adult looks like after their first time at Disneyland.

Here we are on the Jungle Cruise. The blurry lines in the background indicate the rapid pace at which we motored through the water (to prevent attacks from animatronic hippos and vaguely ethnic looking maniquins).

Here is The Haunted Mansion. I love it very much.

Sunday: Studio City Farmer's Market, lunch at Chin Chin, then some pals over for Balderdash (which is an intriguing game, but I am fairly terrible at it).
The farmer's market had nice produce and other things that are relatively good for you:

There were also glorious caches of toys, which I'd venture are even better for you than vegetables:

Monday: The dog park. In and Out. We got to watch the dismal Jon and Kate Plus 8 season premiere together. Kind of a strange way to end the weekend, but oh so fitting.
Really, all I can say is that the whole thing was wonderful. One of the very best weekends of the year. One of those things that I will look back at, and say, that was my heyday. Good activities plus great company. Oh, what a lucky duck I am.


Jill said...

You are a lucky duck! I love Disneyland. Going with you would be a real treat. Maybe someday?

w. leavitt said...

what delightful pictures