Thursday, May 28, 2009

On all things colorful and above

I am really excited for for Pixar's new movie, Up. Today, the LA Times review nearly brought me to tears, and although the characters all seem mildly unlikable (in an unintentional way), the concept is incredibly compelling. I've long been preoccupied with the idea of homemade ballooning expeditions and the possibility of cheating gravity, if for only an afternoon. Growing up, I had semi-frequent recurrent dreams of promenading along a bluff carrying a Victorian parasol, and being lifted into the air by an unexpected gust. In these dreams, I always soared too-high too-fast, and realized I'd likely plummet to my death. My adolescent self always interpreted such dreams as a metaphor for my immanent success: I'd become famous in a hurry and then get caught in a downward spiral, losing it all and having a Vh1 Special made of my short life in the limelight by the time I was 30. The fear of falling notwithstanding, I love the idea of altering the rules of gravity. When I saw the trailer for Up, I was delighted. And the ads are fun, too. The billboards around LA feature the big bunch of balloons cascading off of the corner. Pixar has commissioned a zeppelin to fly around to advertise the film. Cluster balloonist Jonathan Trappe has been hired to pilot a floating armchair on a nationwide tour. I'm slowly in the process of making a counting book for my nephews/niece about a boy named Neville who takes a ride through the sky while clinging to a bunch of balloons. Wouldn't it be fun to do that?

AND, for your audio/visual enjoyment, via We Love You So, Spike Jonze's enchanting Where the Wild Things Are blog:
Scenes from The Red Balloon, with the music of Grizzly Bear in the Background. ooh.

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Jill said...

As a kid I was always facinated with the texture the balloon takes on as it shrivels up and dies. Gorgeous piece of cinema that movie.

I'm excited to see Up as well.