Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on seasons; more on shapes

My recent adventures and comings and goings of late have left little time for written documentation, and now, amid the grading and research catch-up, I also feel compelled to write updates about my delightful exploits the past two weekends in LA, where Jordan was out visiting her mom. Weekend one included, among other things, a trip to the Farmer's Market, where we ate Cajun food (at shockingly reasonable prices) and ice cream, and a radical little walk/hike in Fryman Canyon.

Here I am gluttonously devouring an ice cream at the Farmer's Market.

This is Sprout panicking in the back of the car while Jordan is gone to the ATM across the way. As you will notice, when she goes into panic mode, her nubbin achieves maximum definition. We also took her (and Matilda) to the dog park, where Sprout attempted to befriend an enormous snorgling great dane with terrifying, gangling genitalia. Luckily, the bigger dog was pretty uninterested, and Sprout remained isolated and uncomfortable by the legs of the picnic table for the remainder of the outing.

Here we are on our walk. The light on my face seems to indicate some sort of divine revelation or transformative experience. In fact, I am probably thinking about: 1) food, 2) watching a tv show later, 3) going swimming, or 4) a combination of the aforementioned pastimes. During the visit, we ate a lot, watched a lot of tv, and went swimming nearly every morning or evening. I learned how to hold my breath underwater without having to plug my nose. Such a valuable lesson.

More fascinating accounts to come, including several lovely photographs that were taken at Disneyland but that could have actually been taken anywhere (somehow we managed to completely miss any Disney-specific imagery in the background).

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