Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They say it grows back stronger if you lop it off just right

Last week's rundown:
  • Kasha sent me a link to these wonderful paper cut outs by Michael Velliquette. Really wonderful and imaginative.
  • Was running around wildly attempting to assemble my dissertation committee. I had known who I wanted for the committee but had not formally asked everyone. The project is shifting all the time and I waver all over the place to try to rationalize and justify such a strange and historical topic as optical toys, which made my pitches to the members quite inarticulate and bumbling. Each time it was asking the person to the prom. Stressful on the heart, but they all said yes and were very nice and encouraging, so I think it will work out.
  • Got a nice tour of a television studio in construction. It used to be a bank, and the equipment storage facility is where the vault was. The walls were super thick, and I thought of all the times I watched Killing Zoe in high school, and then spent literally 3 years looking for the soundtrack before I found it in a music store in Boulder.
  • A fellow on flickr contacted me and said he'd gotten a tattoo of one of my drawings (the vampire). He wanted to do my Frankenstein too if I'd blow it up for him. I asked him for a picture but he hasn't gotten back--ho hum. What flattery and fun, though.
  • This week I am going to tighten up the rattling bolts on my bike (at long last). The weather is hot here.

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plumpdumpling said...

I found your vampire! But I still need to see the rest of your alphabet. Link me! But not here! Via e-mail! I just wanted to comment! Yay!