Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reliving tomorrow before it begins

Classes finished this week (yay!) and there's a stack of papers to grade and the specter of a paper yet to be written. From here on out it may be borderline 'round the clock work, but for a brief moment, I took a complete pause to hang out with Wayne and Annamaria as they rolled through town. Here is what we did (which was very fun):
Thursday afternoon:
Walked around the beach on campus. Took a bike ride down to Butterfly Beach. I rode my bike and Wayne and AM rented a tandom, which seemed like oodles of fun. At night, E & B had us over for a BBQ and an excellent time. We waited for the raccoons but saw a rat instead. Then we ate ice cream at my house.
We had a fast breakfast, then drove up to Solvang. I made them stop in all of the toy stores and was delighted. Bought a blue glitter popper, which was a ton of fun--I would like to get some for my nephews. Ate sandwiches and abelskivers for lunch. Drove back home, and hiked to inspiration point. It was tiring and I was grumpy, but the view was sublime. We got Indian food with Jeff for dinner, then we watched Grey Gardens at my house (I half-watched/half-slept).
Saturday morning
Got some [now apparently famous] breakfast burritos with E & B, ran to the post office for some postcard and parcel mailings, then saw the Yinka Shonibare exhibit, which, quite honestly, was all I'd hoped it would be. Really cool and interesting stuff. Headless mannequins in Victorian garb having all the fun that we wish we had in century 21.

(A Flying Machine for Every Man, Woman, and Child).
All in all, a resounding weekend. Memory-making is one of my favorite past times.

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w. leavitt said...

That Solvang pic is quite nice.