Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Other fine adjustments that can occur between the seasons

Spring break in New York. We've already done so many fun things. For starters, we went up to Beacon, to go to DIA:Beacon, and to see the charming little town. The museum there is such an extraordinary place. Some of the art is not entirely my cup of tea, but I'm happy to report that I found my love of Sol LeWitt there, so that is a relief. I also saw some of the Richard Serra stuff I'd missed at MoMA over the summer (I can't remember now if that was last summer or many summers ago...) Walked around Main Street, which seems like it was recently thriving and now feeling the hit just a little bit. Found the special Museums section of The Times on the train on the way home, which was a treat. There are so many abandoned factories along the Metro North that look enchanting.

Nice brunches at Enids and DuMont (which I'd never been to). Met J & K at Clinton St. Baking Co. for a brunch that was pretty decent. When we arrived, we ran into K's cousins, who were perfectly civil, but were dressed uncannily like Leopold and Loeb.

Visited P.S. 1, which was very nice. Went bowling with the old Museum crew and some people were allegedly appalled by my bowling style (more throwing than rolling). As usual, I had a strong start and a disastrous finish. I bowled an 81. Here I am leaping victoriously after chucking the ball down the lane to hit a few pins.


plumpdumpling said...

I'm appalled at my own throw-bowling style at that particular bowling alley. Funny how it puts the shiny new Port Authority one to shame. It's just like when McDonald's reintroduced the face-to-face drive thru.

Emilie said...

more throwing than rolling. indeed.

Ilham Bagus said...

very very extraordinary weather conditions in your place, oh yes I see you also like to play bowling.