Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Air out the backgammon board, guests are comin' to town.

Wayne is coming tomorrow, so it will be a very good day. We have made innumerable great memories, and I have a feeling that there are about a million and one still to come (starting tomorrow). Many of the memories involve driving inexhaustibly for hours, either until the sun comes up, or the rugged mountain roads become impassible. Once we got horribly lost in the middle of Colorado and only had one CD in the car. Amnesiac. Which was fine to listen to once, possibly twice or thrice. But beyond that, it became somewhat insufferable. One time, we walked across a muddy flat area (maybe by Deer Creek Reservoir?) for hours in the middle of the night. It just about ruined a pair of gray cowboy boots. Or it maybe did ruin them. We have done an excellent job criss-crossing Central Utah's back country and beyond. Here is Wayne during a location scouting trip for my college project How Much Land Does a Man Need? We found the perfect spot and the perfect skull.

Here he is preparing to hurtle a rock into Fernan Lake, which, as you can see, is frozen. Good times, great oldies.


Jill said...

I don't know who Wayne is, but it looks like you can expect some adventures!

w. leavitt said...

i found the rocks already. we now have one more day to find a skull.