Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tin hammered flat and folded in the shape of the North Star

It took me forever to get to New York. Or about sixteen hours, I think. Was laid over in Chicago for the bulk of it, and they said we wouldn't be able to land at LaGuardia because the wind was a gustin' like crazy. So there I was in O'Hare, which seemed to be a tremendously outdated place. It's long and thin and covered in great, bubbling glass caps like Victorian greenhouses. Charming at first, but not after so many hours of sitting there without any power outlets or internet. All you could do is bustle back and forth along the outdated mall, visiting the Hudson News stands in turn. The upside was that I sat near a woman who was headed to the city to go up to Yale to do research on Laszlo Maholy-Nagy for an exhibition in 2010. So we talked about him, and whether he might have known Hans Richter. And we talked about some Weimar paintings, and about Eadweard Muybridge. Needless to say, it was quite specialized for run-of-the-mill airport banter. She was also reading Brideshead Revisited, so that was a nice discussion. Nearby, there was a young gentleman who seemed to have stepped straight out of a romantic comedy. His eyes sparkled as he asked me to watch his things while he ran to McDonald's. He asked me [on multiple occasions] whether I would like something to drink too. I politely declined each time. If I had wanted something, I would have gladly gotten it myself, as I was sitting where a trio of young Hasidic children had spilled some strong-smelling food just before I'd gotten there. The man was reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, which for me one the prize for best-title/most-mediocre book of 2006. I didn't tell him so, though. It was about 1 AM when I finally reached the city of dreams (I'd left my house at 6:45 AM my time). It is so good to be here now.


Jill said...

You did a great job entertaining yourself for all those hours in an airport. I think I would have gone crazy.

I'm glad you've arrived at your destination. Say hello to everyone for me, especially Stephen. I sure wish I could be there with you all.

Holly said...

ugh - a horrible trip, but you manage to make it sound fun...glad you are in the city of dreaming...dream sweetly!!

plumpdumpling said...

We just watched Brideshead this weekend. Having stolen my LiveJournal name from its author yet never having read the book, I figured it was the least I could do.

I loved the costumes and the scenery and the cinematography and all, but I didn't really get the big deal about Catholicism. Maybe I'm just unaware of how important religion was back then, but I was waiting for the really compelling stuff to kick in the entire time. The gay love and the drinking was way more interesting to me.