Thursday, February 19, 2009

Latin for how we used to run things

Some reports from the long weekend in New York, which, in short, was wonderful:
Brunch at Moto. Brunch at Harefield Road.
I saw three movies, all of which could have been watched here, but the company and ambiance made it worth it to see there.
A walk across the Williamsburg Bridge--marvelous.
Rosewater doughnuts, Vanessa's Dumplings (where the employees wear shirtsleeves and we saw a woman eat a piece of lettuce while making a sandwich).
I looked at about 1,000 sneakers. I purchased 0 sneakers.
Looking at the oddities at Partners and Spade.
Looking at the oddities at MoMA.
A failed bowling excursion.
Watching Toddlers and Tiaras, The United States of Tara.
Having to sleep without covers, because the steam heat makes the apartment so hot, whereas the nights in California are freezing. Go figure.
Walking Sprout, who is as petulant and priceless as ever.


Holly said...

you are a total cutie pie

Jill said...

Look at you a little sprout walking the street of the Big Apple. Looks and sounds like a great time! Wish I was there too.

plumpdumpling said...

Speaking of sneakers, please send me your address.

Fenster T. Tropf said...

Did we not once look at 1000 sneakers together? Of course in the end I did buy at least one pair.