Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Around the old spoke tree

This morning, Ethan, Becky, and I were out our doors at 7 am to head down to the Denny's for our FREE GRAND SLAMS because we're American, and all Americans should be eating at Denny's today. Unsurprisingly, by the time we got there, there was already a line of hobos around the building, and we anticipated a pretty steep waiting time. Instead of waiting, we went across the street to Farmer Boy, which wasn't free, but was satisfactory nonetheless. The place has been in business for fifty years, and is the kind of spot that single moms take their kids for breakfast. The bar and booths were filled with bedraggled looking women who hunched over as they ate. They kept their purses around their shoulders while seated just in case they had to make a quick getaway, and their bewildered children ordered corn flakes and sat quietly. We were served by a waitress straight out of Big Love, who had a rope-like braid that went all the way to her waist. She was friendly, though, and when she set my food in front of me, she confirmed that I'd ordered my eggs over well. I thought she had asked if I was overwhelmed (by the sight of so much food), so my reply to her was "I am excited." She was confused, but was gracious enough not to raise a fuss by my early morning incoherence.

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Jill said...


I got your leopold stories in the mail today. Mary Kate and I are going to start reading them together each night. I'm very excited and I'll let you know how we liked them.