Friday, January 23, 2009

Sure to befuddle youngsters for generations to come

It’s rainy and glum around here. And the house is too quiet. But…I just finished a project that was pretty long in the making: an anthology of the stories that I began telling my nephews starting a few years ago. The Tales of Bartholomew and Leopold, Vol. 1, is the first of an indefinite number of volumes to follow, and contains twelve tales that chronicle the adventures of the two heroes. If you want a preview of the book, there's one here.

And here are the synopses of the stories:

Buckets! Bartholomew and Leopold hold a rooftop dance-off with a man of Scottish descent on a rainy afternoon.

Curse of the Antler People! While preparing for a meeting of the Adventurer’s Club, Bartholomew and Leopold end a curse that has plagued a group of people with antlers for many years.

Deadman’s Hill! Bartholomew and Leopold have a bicycle race with the ghost of world-famous cyclist Vance Barnstrom in order to put his spirit to rest.

Etruscan Hoedown! Bartholomew and Leopold meet a band of Etruscans who invite them to a hoedown. Pretty self-explanatory.

Flapjacks! While using the Swedish flapjack maker gifted to them by their Auntie Bertha, an addition to Bartholomew and Leopold’s flapjack recipe creates a batch of gravity-defying breakfast treats.

Gwomp-Toe-Saurus! Bartholomew and Leopold assist in the capture of a rare dinosaur gone on a rampage.

Henry VIII! Bartholomew and Leopold are invited to accompany their friend Elizabeth to a water park. Elizabeth’s father Henry VIII urges Bartholomew to overcome his fear of the largerst waterslide—the Tudor Tower of Terror.

Ice Monster! Bartholomew and Leopold meet an enormous monster made out of ice who as a penchant for dancing to concertina music.

Jackrabbit Junction! Bartholomew and Leopold travel to a western frontier town to settle a dispute between a group of cows and the local law enforcement.

Kites! When Bartholomew and Leopold’s neighbors the Herringbone Twins get stuck in a tree, everyone learns a valuable lesson about sharing.

Lobster Rebellion! Bartholomew and Leopold are enlisted to rescue a group of lobsters held captive by seafood tycoon Abraham Lincoln.

Mystery at Monkey Cove! Bartholomew and Leopold solve the theft of an ancient Egyptian ruby and the Adventurer’s Club supply of helium.


kasha said...

love it! best bedtime stories ever.

Holly said...

i'm glad you are home safe and sound and snug...but i do miss you....

Emilie said...

stories galore. from meredith's world. couldn't get better than that.

Jill said...

I checked the preview and I must have one. Can they be ordered now? Let me know.

la_sale_bete said...

oh yes, they are indeed orderable! you can get the softcover for a little cheaper than the hardcover.

Emilie said...

oh marni. we've just invested in both these stories and the abc compilation as well. can't wait till they arrive...marguerite is going to be speaking english like a pro, grâce à toi. meow.